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Who we are

Kim cosieddr

Kim cosieddfr

Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright graduated from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2018 with a diversified degree in Digital Studio Practices and Industrial Design.

Her specialization in digital painting and illustration, which helps her bring fantasy characters and concepts to life. Sarah Wright shows and sells her work at various conventions in the United States. Outside of illustration, she dabbles in a variety of crafts and techniques, including traditional painting, cosplay and costume making, 3d modeling, and printing. She takes every opportunity to add new techniques and skills to her creative toolbox and is always excited to share that knowledge with interested peers and students! 

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Max Thiede is an English educator and filmmaker and earned an MS degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Curriculum and Instruction in 2021. Max loves creating things, which are usually best described as: messy, confusing, and weird. Max loves yoga, running, reading, baking,
and zining!

Kevin christensen

Kevin  Christensen graduated summa cum laude from UW-Milwaukee with a BFA in Percussion Performance in 2011, and has been composing music for films and video games since 2012. Well versed in an array of styles, Kevin performs and composes regularly with Extra Crispy Brass Band and De La Buena; both of which have been awarded WAMI's in their respective categories. 


Kevin also co-owns and operates Bongers™, a fun and easy to use percussive massage tool. Kevin works with Express Yourself Milwaukee; teaching music and art, and promoting positive life choices for some of Milwaukee's underserved youth.

Emily Scheider Berens

Emily Scheider Berens  is an educator, designer, and animator with previous experience within the nonprofit sector. Emily earned her MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Inter-Media and 

now teaches within the First Year Experience (FYE) program at  Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. 

Emily considers herself a 'Tra-Digital' artist; she loves blending traditional and digital art making techniques into mixed-media pieces. She has been with MVP since finishing Graduate School in 2013, and has been excited to see the program grow and evolve through the years.

Emily downes

Emily Downes is a filmmaker, animator, and instructor with an MFA Film, Animation, and New Genres from UW-Milwaukee. She has been an instructor of several youth and adult media programs and camps such as Stop Motion Animation and Basic Video Editing. 


Emily loves to share her passion for digital and media arts with all ages while collaborating with local artists to build a strong and vibrant community.

Mike Driscoll

Mike Driscoll received dual degrees in Art Education and Graphic Design from UW-Milwaukee in 2006.
He currently teaches in the Tech Ed Program and runs the makerspace at Bay View High School.

Mike loves eating out, cooking in, trying new things, treasure hunting, designing things on the computer, illustration, sci-fi movies and tv shows, reading, creative writing, playing with dogs, photography, teaching people things, and collecting tiki mugs. He tends to stay up late past his bedtime preparing lesson plans, grading, or building things. 

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